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Happy, Healthy and Hairless!

It’s been 2 weeks since closing the doors of The Secret Retreat and, like many of you, I’ve started to settle into a new ‘normal’ routine – wake-up, brush teeth, do hair, do my skin care routine (of course!) then off to work… in the lounge room! Having nowhere to be, I’ve realised how much of my internal programme is set to get-up and go. I'm normally so busy working, socialising, running around and filling up the day with a never-ending to-do list. Whilst it’s been nice to have some downtime, I am definitely missing my days in the salon and seeing all my wonderful clients - catching up and having good gossip!  For a lot of us, we have been forced to pause, enjoy time with family and find activities to do at home that will keep you entertained, fulfilled and sane! At this stage, there is no official end-point for Australia’s isolation policy so, if living our lives from our lounge room is the way of life for the foreseeable future, it’s vital to set up some structure and routine like we had in our pre-COVID-19 days, and not fall into the pit of PJ’s all-day and binge-watching Tiger King.  Here are some simple tips to keep you in routine and on track.

  • Get up at the same time you normally would. If you’re an early riser like me, still get up and out of bed. If no one is up yet, even better! This may be your only moment alone, so it’s a great time to get some stuff done you wouldn’t normally be able to do or just enjoy the peacefulness of the morning and a quiet house. If you’re not an early riser, I encourage you to try it. Personally, I think it’s the most beautiful time of day. 

  • Time to DIY. You might be aware by now that body hair is still growing! Some wax jobs are easier than others, so you might need a little guidance and moral support to get you through your own Brazilian. Never fear! I have written a step-by-step guide to the DIY Brazilian guiding you through how to set-up, prep, apply and rip to help keep this not-so pampering treatment a pleasant experience. 

  • Keep on top of self-maintenance. We may have nowhere to go and no social life at the moment but that shouldn’t mean we shouldn’t show ourselves some love. An at-home facial is a perfect way to self-care, giving yourself a little me-time and recreating the relaxing environment of The Secret Retreat. You might even want to put on some spa music to chill out to. Not just good for the mind, but our skin needs hydration and sloughing off of the dead skin cells that have built up, whether we are stuck at home or not. So, grab your cleanser, exfoliator, a hydration masque and let’s get glowing! If you’re in need of skincare advice or Dermalogica products delivered to you, call or text me on 0415617643 

You can also get products delivered to your door from The Well Store. Check out their range of body, skin, hair, baby, home and wellness supplies. 

P.S. I know that hand sanitiser is essential at the moment a hard to get your hands on.

The Well Store have Bare & Co Hand Sanitisers - 70% based alcohol and in-line with WHO requirements. Use code HS25 to receive 25% OFF all Bare & Co. Hand Sanitisers!

  • Exercise! I can’t stress enough how important this is. If you’re currently on the ‘Isolation diet’ of all-day snacking on pasta, rice, chips, chocolate and wine that we all frantically stocked up on before retreating, then you might want get that body moving! Not just good for the booty but studies have shown that exercise can lower anxiety and depression, bring people out of negative moods, improve self-esteem and boost positive thoughts. So now more than ever, exercise should be your best friend and not your worst enemy. It may end up being the best part of your day! Vision PT Rose Bay has some great classes on offer and for 1 week you can: 

Try it all for FREE! 1 PT session via FaceTime  1 Outdoor PT session (or FaceTime if preferred) Plus 2 video group sessions via Zoom Better than just watching a YouTube video, having your own personal trainer means you’re doing the right workout for your needs and goals, and keeps you socially connected. To get the 1 week free trial text YES and your NAME to 0434860266.

  • Treat yo’self! Just because browsing Westfields is off the cards doesn’t mean we can’t go shopping. Better yet, we can do it from our lounge room in a pair of trackies! And, If you still need further encouragement to get into some activewear and grab a resistance band, The Iconic has it all. I love this site! I have used The Iconic so many times for clothes, shoes, and accessories, and now, sportswear and exercise equipment. Delivery is quick and easy and you can get your entire shopping fix from home. So, Yay! Let’s go shopping!

In the middle of this COVID chaos, I hope some of these tips will help you spring out of bed, and inspire you to get your sweat on, don a hydration mask and click on a few of your favourite products.  I'm looking forward to seeing you at The Secret Retreat again and hopefully soon.     Jess x


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